Education & Training:

  • ​Certifying Birth Doula through  DONA International

  • APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist

  • Completed Breastfeeding Basics Course 

My Birth Philosophy:

  • I believe wholeheartedly that birth has the ability to transform and empower people. This can happen in a hospital, at a birth center, or in your home. With a midwife, with a doctor, or during a cesarean section. The experience of childbirth does not diminish if a person chooses to utilize medical interventions or pain management and my only duty is to protect your space, your wishes, and your birth so you can have the journey you require .

  • Every family has unique hopes, fears, and experiences that lend to their vision of birth. I only ensure that your experience follows your wishes and assist you in removing any fears you may have to create a peaceful environment surrounding your labor and delivery. 

  • ​I do not have my own ideas regarding your birth because it is entirely yours. My only goal is to give you the knowledge, confidence, skills, and support to have the birth that you desire. 

Birth Doula. Certified Placenta Arts Specialist. Mother.

Why I Became A Doula:


My educational background is in psychology and philosophy but when I became pregnant I dove into any and all information I could find regarding pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. I knew I wanted to make informed choices for myself and my care. After my daughter's birth, I felt like the strongest person alive and knew that empowering other families in childbirth was something I had to do. During my pregnancy, my mother shared with me that she lacked the support and resources to encourage breastfeeding and birth with a health care team she wanted. I knew I wanted to change that and be a resource to other expectant families. Birth is a rite of passage and it is my privilege to protect that journey and assist you during one of the most transformative times of your life. I started my career in 2013 and my passion for birth has only been growing ever since.